Deschler-Wallack (Columbus OH)
Baker (Dallas)
Biltmore (Dayton OH)
Hotel Fort Des Moines
Jayhawk (Topeka)
Rogerson (Twin Falls ID)
44th Street Hotel (NY NY)
Great Northern (Dickinson ND)
Lexington (NY NY)
Biltmore (Los Angeles CA)
Pantlind (Grand Rapids MI)
McCurdy (Evansville IN)



Whew: so I wasn't the only person who swiped this stuff.

I'd like to say I assembled this small collection over years of careful bidding on eBay, but it's not something I went out of my way to get. At the antique store one day there was the remnants of some traveling salesman's collection, and I bought the lot. A year later a few more examples popped up - with postcards AND matchbooks. Someone really wanted to memorialize his stay in these big blocks, perhaps as a reminder that the life of a salesman had its compensations. You may tire of hotels eventually, but there's something enjoyable about checking into a place you've never known in a city you've never visited.

Most of these places still exist, but the smaller ones aren't hotels anymore. They're often homes for the aged - the people who may have attended a ball or meeting in the hotel when they were young, and thought it would be glamorous to live in a hotel. Well, now they know.



PS: There are 13 pages; more coming in the summer of 2018.