Still around! That's great. Let's go to the reviews from April 2012:

DIRTY. Color on 1 tv didnt work. Other shut off whenever it felt like it. Drapes didnt close all the way; windows didnt lock. Smelled musty. Thick dust most everywhere. Wet bar sink llugged. Refrigerator broken. No light bulbs or low wattage. Peeling paint. Needed vacuuming. Wifi didnt work. No full length mirror. No honor bar. No newspaper. No place for breakfast. No heat!!!! No pay per view movies. Key kept demagnetizing - had to go to front desk each time. When i started to mention some problems they didnt want to hear them and didnt apologize. They werent angry. They just didnt care. Worst ever ever. Who ever said the fire chief should shut it down was correct.

Well, you can't please everyone. The Tangney chain was based in Iowa, it seems; took over the hotel for a while, starting in 1935.