1937 The Ladies Amalgamated Subway Riders Local #253 on vacation!

Says the cutline:

“LONG BEACH, CALIF – Pretty mermaids – left to right; Marie Stone; Betty Ryan; Vida Lee Peterson; Elizabeth Stubblefield, Beverly Bingham; Betty Avery and Joyce McIntosh, display what the well dressed bathing girl will wear during 1937. They are pictured at a preview showing at Long Beach.”

That’s three Bettys. That’s a lot of Bettys. That’s almost a 50 percent Betty penetration.

The Fishnet look is already out, it seems. As well as the clamp-in-place embedded brassiere of 1931, if the lass on the far left is any indication. Note how two models are wearing capes, which were quite popular, and kept the wolves from staring at you after you’d passed.

Is it my imagination, or does second-from-the-right look 20 years and three husbands older than the rest of the crew?