From Washington to Harding: an account of Presidential history that also, for some reason, attempts to sell you neuralgia liniment. You may start HERE.


  The 1961 Montgomery Wards catalog: “Mad-Man” era swank and style. I regret that I didn’t have the initiative to scan the entire thing, but it’s about nine thousand pages. Only 168 pages in this site, I’m afraid. You may start HERE.
  The 1962 Los Angeles Entertainment Guide. It’s not just a series of scanned pages; that would be dull and obvious. Wherever possible, there’s a link to the restaurant, a performer, a video, a biography. The era comes to life! Inasmuch as anything on the internet can. You may start HERE.
  TV Guide, 1967. Every page! Every listing! Millions of links to YouTube clips! Well, hundreds. You may start HERE.