1937. Same year, but another planet. A very streamlined planet where women have the mental powers to kill socially inferior subjects merely by looking at them and using death-thoughts to drop her on the spot. And it’s so very amusing to do, isn’t it, C-23? Oh, yes. I will miss her, though; she could be clever, in a prole-clas sort of way. Well, I’ll have to order another from the Ministry of Friends.

Actually, this is New York City c. 1937. Says the photo:

“’Pick your bathing cap according to the shape of your face’ is the rule of the day in bathing caps this year. Thse new caps, called Headliners, have three different types of headlines for the three basic face types. At left – the center off-the-forehead point (like a bandana or turban) for the round face. Center, the off-center point for the perfect oval face. At right, te soft donw-on-the-forehead line for the slim oval face, giving the head a sculptured quality., The caps are all made of Cluster Crepe.”

Those who fail to use the proper cap will be jailed in accordance with the Eugenics – Phrenology Act of 1936!

“Cluster-Crepe” is a perfect term for those days when everything goes wrong at once.