The Maltese Falcon




Hard to believe this site started out as a few updates at the Bleat, and ended up as another millstone around my neck. Years ago I got interested in Film Noir - those grim movies that required hats, Venetian blinds, men on dramatically lit stairs, faithless dames and lots of smoking. Why? Simple: they look great. They're hard-boiled. They provide a look at the way the culture transitioned out of the 30s into the post-war period. And sometimes they have Bogart.

I've probably done 30 movies at the Bleat, and will either revisit those entries here or - sigh - redo the movies completely, with new grabs and clips.

For now, I offer the following for your enjoyment. The Black & White World site gets a weekly update, and this is one of my favorite genres. So stop back! Ya lousy rat. Just don't bring that nervous little gunsel. He gets on my nerves.