Font heaven:

If he or she is the night photo editor, I’d say they were using the clone stamp on Photoshop:



Some of the loveliest credits I’ve seen, if a little lush for a hardboiled movie about hard-bitten newspaper editors who work at night. It’s based on an old radio show with which I’m not terribly familiar, but it wouldn’t have mattered:

The movie has nothing to do with newspapers or night editors.

Absolutely nothing.

Hence the name, I guess. Granted, it begins with homo newspaperus in his most familiar state, drunkenness:



. . . and moves on to a card game in a newspaper office:


. . . it is night, but there is no editing going on. No, the guys are talking and talking and talking, and eventually someone tells a story long enough to build a movie around. And so we’re off! It’s about a cop who suffers from the worst sort of facial constipation you can imagine.


He’s having an affair with a rich girl who’s cruel.


He witnesses a murder, but can’t do anything about it without admitting he’s having an affair. Doesn’t seem like enough for a movie, but it is. Even though he refuses, almost as a point of principle, not to act.



However: will you look in the middle of the frame here!



No? Oh, c’mon. What do we always look for? The Star Trek connection. Well, there it is. He's Bela Oxmyx from the "Piece of the Action" episode.

It ends during the daylihgt, so there's not even the chance of any editing happening. one of the last scenes takes place in the lobby, and I love this:



Let's put a cloth over the counter so no one sees this isn't a newspaper lobby, okay? No one will notice. It's not like someone will watch this at home in 60 years and stop the picture and wonder why we did that.