You might have heard: they had a war. It was in all the papers. This site concerns the ads of the wartime era, the homefront pamphlets, and other bits of interest. Start HERE.


The 40s were more than WW2. There was the question of how to plan your kitchen once international fascism had been defeated. Start HERE.


Oh, they had color, but we're concerned with Black and White. Go HERE.


A song per year, chosen almost entirely at random from my collection. Coming later in 2020.




Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Every one of these decades sites started small - one section devoted to something I found in an antique store, scanned, and put up for the amusement of oh, dozens. In this case I think it was the home-front pamphlets you’ll find in Patriotic. That grew into a massive collection of WW2 ads - almost 200 by the time 2020 is done - and a few other pieces of wartime ephemera.

Eventually Patriotica grew into the Forties site, as it became apparent I had to do the whole damned century, and while I was at it I’d best design the main pages in a similar style, too.

So here we are.

There’s lots to explore, and always more en route. Enjoy.