These are not reviews. No one needs more movie reviews. The B&W feature is about the look of the era, the details in the background, the streets and how they look today - as well as the occasional cinematic moment that deserves a look.

As for the site, yes: it's less than it was. It's nice & simple this time. The previous version had all sorts of geegaws and custom fonts on the index page, and while I liked the look, the content was weak. Now it's slightly less so. I took down all the pieces, and I'm doing everything over again.

It'll take a while to populate the site again, but who cares? It's mostly an archive for the Bleat's B&W World feature on Monday.

When it's back up to its usual levels, I'll re-fancify the interface. Give me a while, if you'd be so kind. ONLY the 10s through the 30s are posted at present, with the old "legacy" site "100 Mysteries" ported and unrevised.



PS the old site, which is weak, is here.


Fairbanks 1: When the Clouds Roll By

Fairbanks 2: Flirting with Fate

Fairbanks 3: His Picture in the Paper



The Last Command

Docks of New York



Torchy: Smart Blonde

Torchy :Fly Away Baby

Torchy: Adventurous Blonde

Torchy: In Chinatown

Torchy: For Mayor

Torchy: Playing with Dynamite

Brief Moment

Gabriel Over the White House

Headline Shooter

Westfront 1918

Thin Man 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Nick Carter Master Detective

Nick Carter Sky Murder



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