Lancaster, no! Or, the First Titanic Movie
Pandora's Box






They’re hard on the eyes, sometimes. The speed is wrong, the print’s bad, the title cards jump or jitter, and it all seems so maddeningly old-timey and irrelevant. Sometimes that’s so. There’s a finite number of times you can see people hit in the face with pies and find it amusing. But that’s just a small segment of the movies of the 20s, and a misunderstood one at that. There was more than Keystone Kops and moon-faced fat comics. There was Art!

Even the moon-faced fat comic had his brilliant moments.

So far, there’s just two movies here, and one’s an early talkie. Believe it or not, it’s the first movie about the Titanic. Some of the more painful examples of early-talkie pacing are on display. There were much better films, and I’ll get to them eventually.