GOLDEN HORN, New York New York




You tell me if you think it's still around.

Yes, done in by the westward march of Rockefeller Center, which I don't believe anyone really counts as Rockefeller Center at all.

Lest you think it was Chinese, well, does that really sound Chinese? Do those decorations at the back look Chinese?

It was Armenian.

This online auction has the menu, and it’s a delight.

IUSMIR KEOFTE: We could cal this dish “baked lamb croquettes with tomato sauce,” just as you could call a Beethoven symphony “a piece of music” and let it go at that. But in cooking, as in composing, it is genius that counts. Try Ismir Keofte and savor artistry for yourself.

So, baked lamb croquettes with tomato sauce, then. Or:

ARNAVOUD GUVEJ - Oriental version baked lamb tender as young love, cooked in the patin Eastern fashion to merge with the gentle zest of succulent vegetables.

You could also get Patlijan Azizie, but not every night.