VISTA DEL MAR, San Francisco CA


(Detail from online auction.)


If the owner had OCD, that chair on the left had must have bothered him every day he saw the cards sitting by the cash register.

The menu can be seen here, for sale (link may have expired.) It's from 1948. Marvel at what you could get for $2.50. Granted, that would be about $25.00 today, according to some online inflation calculators, so the restaurant would be getting fifty clams a throw if a couple had the special dinner.

Why mention the Maitre D on the list? Don't know, but wikipedia says "In restaurants where food is partly prepared at table, the maître d’hôtel may be responsible for such operations as boning fish, mixing salads, and flambéing foods." Perhaps he stopped by for the boning, just to let you know your meal was being boned by a pro. A pro-boner, so to speak. Okay, I'll stop.

Have never seen Sand Dabs on the menu in my life.