You might be surprised to learn this isn’t a card put out by the drive-in. It’s a promo for Wide-Lites, the new outdoor mercury-vapor store illumination system.

It certainly seems like a lot of overhang.

Did they have car hops? There aren't any devices for ordering from your car, so they'd have to have carhops. A layout like this, people expect them. They'd honk when no one came. Then they'd come up to the window, mad.

This flickr page hosts the same card - it's a reprint, and a popular one. A visitor noted that the restaurant was owned by his mother; it was" Across the street from Bergstrom Air Force Base. She installed new lighting and the company used her restaurant for an ad for the lights in a magazine."

It looks like an oasis in a dark sea of infinite emptiness. A Twlight Zone set. No one knows how they got there, or what will happen enxt.