The picture above is an enlargement from the postcard, which is something of a mess. It had a picture of the “Pantry,” as yuo see below, and an illustration of the store’s mascot, who was drawn by a 9-year-old. I hope, anyway.

It's the House of Clashing Typestyles! You have the wacky tilted letters, which usually denote some sort of children’s activity goes on within, and you have the odd ”Pantry” font which could have come from an Elbert Hubbard book. ”Restaurant and Coffee Shop” are pure postwar modernism.

The card also notes that Pumpernik's is "The home of the Pumpernickel Bagel." I wonder if anyone gave any thought to the different spellings. Probably no one. K, Ck, what's the difference. People know what you mean.

Those people included Arthur Godfrey, whom made the aforementioned bagel "famous," according to the card. Larry King did his radio show from this place in the late fifties.

There were others; they were all closed by the mid 90s.The end was rather ignominous, but you can't blame the founder.