We continue with this week's story of . . .

First installments here, and here. After a week, the story shifted firmly against the wife.

They tossed the story to George at the Daily News. He knew what to do with it.

Here’s our Other Man, Willets (sic) Beach:

Willis in the first mention, now Willets?

I'd like to think that's a bullet hole in his hat, but probably just an artifact of reproduction. Then again, aren't we all.


The crime was reenacted, with investigators showing how the body’s posture showed he hadn’t a clue - sorry, clew what was going to happen. Her hysterical story of being set upon by ruffians was seen as booshwa from the start.






Sept 23. Well, well, well.

Third man! New Clew! Then . . .


No new news for a few days, although the story would be mentioned just to keep it alive.


Recaps would bring in things you might have missed before, such as the little boy for whom everyone felt sorry.

Remember him; he'll figure later in this story.


Sept. 27: Willets takes it on the lam.

He’s no longer jovial, but Surly. Unless that was part of his full name.

The gray-pated playboy of this pastoral tragedy.


  “Latest photo, which we were saving until public sentiment had turned against her entirely.”

From an article that proved she knew Beach, a surprising detail I hadn't seen before:


Well, that adds a new wrinkle, doesn't it?

We have a Dr. Feelgood shooting up the swells who got snagged on the junk? And Lilliendahl had been in trouble with the Feds?


The walls are closing in! It's been a week. Surely she knows the jig is up. Tomorrow: part 4.

(Please, do us all a favor: don't Google and blab in the comments! Speculate and make imaginative tales.)



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