We continue with the dramatic tale from 1927. Remember, please! No Googling! I will regard spoilers as an act of betrayal.

We're taking a look at the murder of this fellow:

His wife on the right said they were waylaid by two Black men and robbed. We pick up the story a day later: CLEW PLEA


She was being held “as a material witness” on a bond of $2.5K. Also, a few miles away, a car with stolen plates and a “mud-spattered motorcycle” were found in the woods.

About that $900:

Oh really.


Nickname withheld, of course.

Wonder what those documents might be.


Sept. 19th, 1927:

A new character enters the story. We met him before, but now he has attributes:

The Jovial Poultry Rancher, you say.



As for the money:


It’s not entirely clear what’s going on here, is it? But we can read between the lines.

How did they know the notes in her hand bag were the ones he took out?

And then there's this.
  That's the first time it's been said explicitly.

You know everyone had this one figured out. But how would it go? Part three tomorrow.

Please, do us all a favor: don't Google and blab in the comments! Speculate and make imaginative tales.



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