That name couldn't last, and it hasn't. The lobby remains, and would be worthy of a pilgrammage if the reviews weren't so alarming.

They're somewhat contradictory, though. Three years ago someone wrote:

Greatest place ever!! The service was phenomenal. The beds were king size pillow top!! Really great continental breakfast along with a fun and entertaining lounge filled.with several tv's to.enjoy our March madness.

A year ago:

Friends found bloody sheets, mouse, mouse turds, roaches(?), broken doors, used towels, beer cans, etc. do not stay here. Sleep in your car, under a highway overpass, or In the McDonald's meat locker. All are solid alternatives.

Also from a year ago, this utterly disinterested party wrote:

Under New Management... they are updating the rooms which are very clean. New beds & linens, Air/furnace, microwave, window coverings. Rooms are spacious and inexpensive. Lounge is not open yet but the Restaurant is open from 4-9 pm and is all new and beautiful. I just had a 16 oz New York Steak with shrimp and mushroom sauce. MMM good, char broiled and "Buck" the chef is awesome. Customer service is awesome. Pets welcome and lovely lawns. I will visit often and look forward to watching it transform.

The old restaurant didn't have the modern decor the A frame might suggest. Those chairs look familiar, though: that's what we had in our house growing up.

Wonder if that's the owner's wife and his son. Put on some shades, son, the law might recognize you.

Nothing much to say about the room, except that they weren't going to take any chances with folks staining up perfectly good lampshades.

Many sites reporting that it's closed. Permanently.