"In the heart of the friendly city." 727 Joe Clifton Drive, to be precise. Not an area that's seen a surge of prosperity lately; swing that map around to see how things are going. You can find those highway signs too, and you can wonder if they're the original.

Google reviews include: "the staff frlendly don't bother you and its bye stores banking"

Read it a few times and it'll make sense. From Tripadvisor:

We had a reservation with a prepaid room through My wife and I arrived after a 12-hour drive at dusk; office door was closed and locked and when I knocked I got a "Just a minute!!!! ; I waited in the parking lot. 5 minutes later I knocked again "Just a minute!!!!!!!" When the desk clerk finally opened the door I said "why don't you open the door?" No disrespect, no loud voice, and she says "I was counting my cash drawer and y'all can go somewhere else. Get out" We got turned away and there wasn't even an argument! So there we are on the mean streets of Paducah at dusk with no room.

The creepiest part? I have been trying to report this incident to Corporate at Country Hearth Inn and Suites, and I have yet to connect despite emails and phone calls. Their reservations number denies they even have a property in Paducah.