"Enjoy the Best in Fulton's Friendliest," it says. If you spend enough time in Fulton you could evaluate the claim in detail, but for one night you'd just have to take their word for it.

I wonder what circumstances made them swap the grand old sign for the one they have now. "No, you'll want a smaller arrow, friend. A double-bank of flashing lights is too much for these lean times."

The message says "Dear friends. We may be out little later as Mrs. Skorr had something that came up. If we are not there between 1 - 2 we will come as soon as we can. Lovingly the Johnsons"

I think it's Skorr. Could be Skom. I'm just amazed someone sent a postcard to announce their arrival within an hour-wide time slot.

Today's phrase that pays: lovingly the Johnsons