As you can tell by the fine print - well, it’s all fine print - this was a catalog containing the work of many disparate companies, but each provided joy in their own way. Many a kid ripped open the box, checked the manufacturer, and said “gee, it’s a New York Lint Tool truck! That’s my guarantee of quality!"

More well-known among the tot set was Ideal, which foisted this hideous dog on the market - the beret was the knob that wound up the music box, it had “fur,” which meant it wasn’t, and the most salient attribute of its face was “contrasting.”


The Doll-E Crib didn’t just have Lustrenamel (TM) finish, it was festooned with “Cunning decals,” a term that suggests a level of deviousness one rarely finds in capering-sheep imagery.

The House Trailer and Car could let kids pretend the family was a rootless unit drifting from town to town in search of work. For the FIRST TIME, a toy both girls and boys could play with. A car for him, a movable domestic scenario for her.

Guaranteed to start fights on Christmas morn. It's my turn. No it's my turn. MOMMMMM