Genuine hammer with real nails: say those words daddy says when he hits his finger!

The Wig-Wag Flagger gets points for being named something no one would recognize now, but the description of “action packed” probably pales compared to, say, Call of Duty for X-Box.


I’ve no idea how the Voice Phone worked, but I stand in naked admiration of the company’s name: the Gong Bell Manufacturing Company. “So, where do you work?” Gong Bell Manufacturing Company. “I see. What do you make?” (long stare)

Actually, they made wooden toys, as well - and during WW2, made parachutes. I’m sure they were great, but If was about to jump out of a plane and checked the maker on my chute, I’m not sure the words GONG BELL would reassure. For a while, East Hampton was known as “Bell Town,” since they’ve had over 30 bell foundries over the years.

Below: you can tell it’s 1952, because they’re suggesting that 8 year olds should use a needle to make cigarette cases.