A professor at some Eastern school has a theory: an isthmus once connected Cuba to the Yucatan. You don't know if it's based on solid research, or or a shortage of good theories by the end of the 19th century. Doesn't matter. He presents his findings to the League of Skeptical Scientists, who scoff. Of course they scoff! All brilliant men, at some point, must be laughed at by the Academy. Their laughter and scoffing are a guarantee of future greatness.

Brown-nosing sons of bitches. Miserable lot, scientists. Anyway, they didn't know Frank had a sub? He's trashed at least a dozen already. It's as if the story resets with every issue.

Maybe it does. This isn't the sort of thing you need to do after 95 issues, is it?

Noname's finest prose, capable of thrilling detail that brings every moment to life with startling, electrical vividness.

They find the isthmus, fight over some filthy foreigners over some gold, then head home. Did the Sea Diver survive?

You would too, if your town's entire industry was dependent on this damned fool building ships and wrecking them.