The cover assures us we're in the thick of thrilling action, with Barney and Pomp, the Lovable Ethnic Stereotypes, performing their manful duties with skill, and the inset picture of steely-brained Frank Reade assuring us that pluck and technology and electrical compression guns will save the day. Mostly electrical compression guns, to be honest.

The author knows exactly what you don't care about, and is quite upfront about its superfluity:

The Deep Sea Canoe, as this month's expendable vessel is known, aas sent to bring back a ship. Of course Frank is successful and doesn't have to drown too many Chilean pirates. By the end, everyone is exhausted, and no one more so than the author:

If you're wondering whether Frank's sub will return in a future adventure - well, of course not.

But only after we've concluded the next airship-motorcar sequence.