For all we know the Savages were heading out to catch some supper, but alas: we got some hunter-rifle speaking going on.

It's another Air-Ship. Wasn't the last one Frank's greatest flying machine? He's up to what, 15 by now? Twenty? NoName writes with his usual deathless breathless prose:

"The Cloud Cutter was a marvelous triumph. To attempt a thorough description of it in detail would be almost impossible."

Having thus let himself off the hook, he surprises us with bonus descriptions of the staterooms - they are large, and also "richly furnished." NoName concludes "This is a meager description of the new air-ship." Okay then.

Reading to the end, it's apparent that the ship took a pounding.

It's quite possible he may build another airship. But first - a submarine? An electric land-vehicle? They do seem to pop up with predictable rotation. Well, put your money down, and let's spin the wheel.