Another incidence of Moslem flattening, this time performed by electronically-loosened rocks. Here's what happened before when Frank and his party met the Emir at the border:

He reined his horse in haughtily and Frank in French.

"Dogs of Christians," he said tartly, "what do you in the land sacred to Mahomet?”

"We are under the protection or the Khedive,'' replied Frank.

“This false!'' declared the Emir hotly; "The Khedive permits no infidels to travel through his country!''

"You are wrong," said Frank coolly, "here are our passports."

The young inventor produced tbe documents, which were imposing in appearance and bore a large seal.

The Emir took them and his face changed as be recognized the Khedive's hand and seal.

For a moment be was irresolute. It was an authority greater than his own and he was for a time disposed to yield to it.

But he glanced again at the Chaise and his Moslem Ire was once more raised.

H angered him to see a party of the hated Christians traveling with immunity and under the Khedive's protection through his country.


Things, as they say. went downhill from there. Literally, as you see.