It was a mosaic.

The park closed - '78 or '81, depending on the source. More here at a page devoted to lost Florida attractions.

It's still around as a conference center, but the Masterpiece was sold to Bob Jones U.

They didn't change the name of the place, though.

Here's another page on the place:

Although Masterpiece Gardens was a mere 30 minutes from Disney, the mouse would show no mercy. Disney's all-inclusive park would once again suck visitors into its magic and blind them from what else Florida had to offer. The allure of art and nature that Masterpiece Gardens held was dealt a crippling blow by Walt's fantasyland.

Ken Curtis is one person who is all too familiar with Disney strategies. His family owned Masterpiece Gardens. Growing up and working on the attraction he witnessed first hand the white glove crunch of Mickey.

Read on for more. I know, I know - it's a strange world where people want to go to an enormous billion-dollar complex instead of wander around a path hoping you find some flags.