A cluttered composition, but rich with sweet detail. The family has attained the Dream Home - that may be intended in the literal sense, given the idealized workd outside, stretching like the views outside the window in a Renaissance portrait.

They are unpacking the dishware. Mother is checking the dishes for breakage, says one interpretation; the school of the Blessed Apron beliees she is raising them in thanks to the unseen Patroness Goddess we met a while back, the head that floats in the corner of the sacred kitchen. Father is performing ritual ablutions to make the dishes Clean again.

Happy as it is, there are any number of things that could sunder these relationships today, tomorrow, or in the future. The world is, indeed, as the box procliams: FRAGILE. Indeed, the open window suggests that Father will be the first to flee, but will he find the grass greener on the other side? No: the very hue of the kitchen floor shows his grass is already as green as it will get, whether he realizes it or not.