Dancing! And hello, PEOPLE in the Gobbler!

Quotha the brochure: "Dancing, Music in the Suspended Royal Roost Cocktail Lounge." Whether this is actually a different part of the Roost, or whether there was a Royal Roost above the Commoner's Roost, I don't know. But I do know that Baldy Squareback on the left appears to be married to Arthur C. Clarke in drag. I know there's a band in the middle of the picture - a local three-piece that used that popular drums-squeezebox-clarinet combination. I know someone off-camera hurled a child into the room from the left.

I know the couple in the middle are wondering how it came to this, but you get used to that thought, really, and even though you have no answers there's a certain peace you feel when you tote up your accomplishments. Like wearing a dress that matches the carpet. Somehow you expected they'd give you a special table for that, but no. Well.

On the right, we see a couple who are NOT dancing; they're just standing there, struck by the wonder . . . the majesty . . . the sheer perfection of the mighty Gobbler.