But we’d all run screaming for the safety of indoors if they did, wouldn’t we? Mom! The double-Karo’d outdoor pancakes have attained consciousness, and are shoving themselves down people's throats! Make them stop!



This isn’t a cowboy. No cowboy ever gets this happy about beans. Least of all beans that Cooky the Chef calls “beanee weenees.”

Cooky keeps that crap up, there’s going to be a little knuckle-chat when he goes to the stream to wash the pans. If you know what I mean.

  It doesn’t sound that bad. Even though it’s a transparent attempt to get you to buy Dixie cups, it doesn’t sound THAT bad . . .

On closer examination, however -


Perhaps it actually sprouted blue wings and flew around until Dad batted it down with a badminton racket.