Never have art and reality stood in such stark opposition as here: the covers show idylls the likes of which a man can only dream, while the pictures inside -

Well, you'll see. First: some of the loveliest commercial illustration you'll find on this site. Start with the young blonde. She seems unpleasantly surprised by something here, and I'm not sure what. To be honest, she looks as though she was just showing off her engagement ring to the dog when she noticd that the cook was either keeping the corn cobs in a peculiar location, or he was very glad to see her.

Above her, Floyd the Barber, drunk as an Otis, tries to make his way across the heaving sea of the lawn. Or he's having sexual congress with a melon.

The chef is a cheerful, jolly old soul, holding aloft a perfect steak - hand-dipped in phosphorous and triple-dipped in plutonium, the modern way! See how it glows!