One of those details of daily life that gets forgotten over time: the BBQ mitt emblazoned with cattle brands. There's the Bar-Non, the Spur-Dubya, the EuroSeven, the Petro-Glif, and waaay up in the right hand corner, it's the brand from them Muslins what moved onto the old Bar-Joseph spread.

Note the mismatched gloves: this will be important, later.


The book has many fine "novelty" aprons, a form of protective skirt popular with manly meat-burners. This one has pockets for all the things a host requres, such as "Cherry Stems," "I.O. U. Blanks," (although it looks like Lou Blanis, a name I intend to use in a novel some day) tips, and, of course, cigarettes! You just can't find aprons these days emblazoned with preprinted cigarette pockets.

There was also a pocket for tips.

No one gave him a tip.