In all Western covers, at least one bad guy must have his hat blown off. Not by gunfire; a bullet never has sufficient wake to dislodge a chapeau. It can only penetrate the brim. So the guy on the left has had his hat removed by the shock of surprise - unless that's not a hat, and he’s carrying around some strange hybrid avocado-gourd. The fellow in the middle - goes by Whitey, I’m sure - is understandably surprised, since he shot the plane down, thought he could relax by staring with pride at the spot where the plane was before he rolled around behind him, and now he’s been hog-tied. More likely he would misinterpret the constricting action of the rope, and believe he was having some sort of heart attack or other paralyzing infliction.

His hat has also been dislodged.

The cowboy on the right, shown in the classic posture of a disciple or patron observing a miracle, has kept his hat on; it’s white, so he might come to Dale’s assistance here. If she needs it.

Probably not. Anyone who can jump out of a low-flying plane, deploy a large chute, move slowly across the sky without detection, steer without using the straps, sneak up behind the people who shot you down and throw your lasso forward while moving in the same direction and lasso a crook without losing your hat -

Well, the little lady doesn’t need anyone’s help.