A rare happy day unclouded by industrial pollution; the sky is blue and the grass is green, just as it should be. I can’t help but wonder what series of events led up to this moment, though. Unless Richie was already carrying as string of multifaceted rubies and emeralds bound together on a stout wire, he would’ve had to return to the house to get them after the rope broke. That would provide an opportunity for a more practical solution, like getting some actual rope. Even if Cadbury didn’t know where such a common thing might be, he would have access to service personnel who could find some.

Or, the rope was frayed intentionally, in the hopes that Richie would be hurt, and need assistance; once Freckles had brought him back to the house he would be given a reward for his service.

At least that’s what Gloria suspects; she’s looking at him with almost newfound awe. Didn't think he had it in him.