If you’re wondering what sound coins makes when they gush out of a spout, it’s $.

Like most of the covers you’re about to see, little here makes sense. Obviously Richie expected water to come out of the spout, but surprise: gold money! Krugerrands, possibly squirreled away to abet the South African regime! Where did it come from? Does the house have a vault of coins packed so densely they will breach a wall, burst into the house’s water system, and flow out the pipes? Nonsense:It’s obvious that the pressure required to move the coins to the bathroom would make them jam up where the pipe connects to the shower spray.

Let us not even consider the chronology of this disaster: the tub is full, yet the shower-head cover has not completed its fall to the ground. If that's the case, then the flow of gold would be so powerful it would have knocked Richie flat on his face.

It’s also curious that Mr. Rich would have this much gold around the house. This reveals an interesting lack of faith in banks. But more to the point: does not the Poor Little Rich Boy's expression - indeed, his entire situation - reveal a nightmarish Midas-world situation where the simplest of human ablutions is contaminated by the manifestations of monetarized commodities, ceaselessly pouring out in an mocking, unstoppable flow?