Oh, well, if there's a contract, that's different. Advice for the hitman: yelling at people about what you’re going to do and who you’re going to kill rather defeats the purpose of a silencer. Also, the emphasis goes on “OWN,” not way. Work on your lines in advance, and you’ll be better able to command the situation.

Note to Night Nurse Linda: that doesn’t logically follow, at all. He can kill him first then kill you. It’s not like there’s some code about drilling nurses, you know.

Why the fellow is convalescing in a drug-supply room, I’ve no idea. Why her left bosom has dropped significantly, I'm not sure; could be her fighting stance.

I don’t think this book was successful. Why? Click on. And remember: the year is 1973. If you were reading Marvel in 1973, you know what’s coming next.