Yes. Supercrapernatural themes. Linda has been replaced for this book by her friend, and the hospital has been replaced by a haunted seaside mansion and a villain straight from Scooby-Doo. 

What is the secret of Seacliff House, so named for its proximity to the sea, on a cliff? Its inability to save unpopular titles. She may be hot, and the cape's great, but she has no powers. She's not SuperNurse. She has no power, except maybe to wait a few minutes after the patient started jabbing the call button, because she knows he's fine, he doesn't need to use the bedpan, he has all his meds, and he's calling because he always calls at 4 PM when the sunlight hits the TV on the wall and it's hard for him to see the picture. He wants her to move the TV; his roommate wants her to close the drapes. It's been like this for four days. The first three days she popped in right away. The third day she caught them both looking at her as she stood on tiptoe to move the TV. Today? She's taking her time.