1921: yes, there were commuters. And of course they were complaining. Not one had been thrown into the wall by a Jerry remark, but they still found somethng to bitch about.

Now then. If this happened to you on a regular basis - and trust me, it happened to Givney about six times a week - you'd shove your desk against the wall. The first time you flew from your chair and got your head wedged between wall and desk, you'd make sure it didn't happen again.

But of course, it will happen again, unless you nail your shoes to the floor, fire Jerry, or nail Jerry to the tracks outside.

Note Givney's trajectory - straight up and over. Yet his chair barely moves. Previous flip-takes have snapped the chair off its base; this time it just sits there, suggesting that Givney is somehow lifted by a force, rather than pushed by one.