Givney must show up for work every day, knowing full well he's going to suffer a severe head injury eventually. But there's always something that distracts him, and keeps him from what ought to be Job One: getting rid of Jerry and his Violently Ordinary Rejoinders. For example:

It's not a particularly unusual statement, really. It's not that far-fetched. Reduce the wear and tear on the train, the crew, and anything else that's causing irregularities in the line's performance. But the very idea - made even in jest - is apparently so preposterous that Givney flies backwards and snaps the chair from its base. (He also seems to go board-straight for this one, too.) Chair-snapping is rare, but doesn't seem to relate to any particular sort of Jerryism.

"Short stack of thick thought" - not bad. Not bad at all, Jerry.