The story begins rather abruptly. Set in some future world, a young lady is choosing breeding partners from a pair of men named “One” and “Nine.” They are observed, but do not notice, the white sloughed-off exoskeleton molted by another unnumbered human.

Or, it’s another Mr. Coffee Nerves scenario! Our hero, such as he is, has come upon two football players competing for the rights to get their hands up the blouse of a nice young lady. She sells her charms to the athlete who performs the greatest feats in battle next weekend. Dexter, the lesser of the two, peevishly insists that she makes up her “silly” mind now. That’s the spirit! Dress her down! Belittle her. Apologize later with a tearful insistence that it was the coffee talking.

The next day, Dexter is a wreck; didn’t sleep, and his guts are roiling. The coach knows the symptoms right away; that’s why the coach has a no-coffee rule. Of course, it would be better if the coach had a no-tree rule, since he seems to be conducting practice in a forest.