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NAZI GRANDMA SAYS: shame on you for coming here! You should be working for the greater glory of the Fatherland, not wasting your time on a rough collection of printed materials strung together with no discernible theme! When the war is over we wil deal with your kind like we dealt with the Gyp-


(sound of 170 lbs of Prussian hag-meat sliding to the floor)

Sorry about that, friends; don't know how that happened. She wanders off her page from time to time; it's a miracle we've kept her confined to the Institute so far. Don't worry, she's fine; that was a tranquilizer dart. We wouldn't shoot her. She's the last of her kind in captivity, as far as we know. You'll meet her and her lovable brood in just a few minutes. Welcome to Jetsam Cove!

(Formerly Flotsam Cove.)

(Don't ask.)

Anyway, here's some stuff. NOTE! Everything redone, resized, and so on.


November 2011.

NOTE: Hello; it's 2016, and I've redone and winnowed. Some things have been moved to sections that didn't exist in 2011.