Hey, no fair!


It's a TV show. Doesn't matter that it's 60 years old, it's NOT A MOVIE.

Ah well.


It's the sort of story you couldn't do today: a boarding house murder mystery, with young career girls and old-goat academics and smooth anti-social jerks and husbands returning after six months away. Also a cackling smart-aleck sitting in his room eating cheese:



Recognize him? No? He's like the poor man's . . . I don't know, evil civilized articulate fat guy. He was Robert Emhardt, and he specialized in nasty old happy-but-evil guys who sweated a lot, tried to insinuate they had inside information of great value. He was usually killed off early on.

His imdb bio says he wasn't anything like the characters he portrayed. He did ten tons of TV, and had roles in movies like "3:10 to Yuma." Died at the age of 80 in 1994.

The episode includes commercials. Here, Betty Furness sells something she describes as a "big-screen TV."



Here's an incentive:


You can probably find that on the internet somewhere, but I wouldn't advise googling it. You never know.