It's the stirring tale of the Thes Amer Epte Igil:


They made a lot of movies in the 50s about the dangers of counterfeiting. This is one of them. Of all the films they made about the subject, I can assure you: this is certainly one of them. The star is guy who used to be a forger, sprung from jail by the Feds:



Lloyd Bridges - again! He's making a strong showing in these latter days of 100 Mysteries. And he's no more impressive here than he was in the previous appearance. The film has some noir pretentions . . .



But the print suggests the hand of Murk-O-Vision, and it's hard to make out the images, or the reasons to care about any of it. But it does have one of my favorite actors, the guy who specialized in cruel-but-suave older dude:


The ever-dependable John Hoyt, who was so good in "When Worlds Collide." But you're asking: is there a Star Trek connection?

Of course. The most basic Trek connection of them all.