Hey hey, somethin' spicy! Something . . . erotic! What is it?



Oh, great. Fetish porn. Actually, no; it's a British movie that fell out of copyright because no one really could see any reason to suspect it would make anyone any money, anywhere, ever. Which isn't entirely fair - it has Lloyd Bridges as a Yank who comes to England to rekindle an old love, only to find she's - altogether now - caught up in a web of intrigue. It's not slow, it's not poorly acted, it's not dull, it's just there, and the print makes it look like it was shot in Murk-O-Vision. Since the action switches over to a theater, there's some interesting looks at British live entertainment in the 50s:


That's the glamorous dangerous woman every man wants, and no man can have. I think she was also my sister's gym teacher in 7th grade.