Boy, danger just oozes from the opening credits:


The tagline: "A Cheat At Heart From Her Painted Toes To Her Plunging Neckline!" I'd run that description in reverse order, but never mind. If you're wondering who the femme fatale is, here you go:



Have some more, and see if you can identify her:





Yes, it's our bewitching vixen from installment #83: Angela Lansbury. Do her witchy charms work on the hero? Yes. Of course. He's that most vulnerable of men, an unemployed architect, and she's married to a real estate developer. There's investments and insurance involved, and she may be after money more than love, and it's cheaply made and poorly paced and dull as damp dirt.

But is there a Star Trek connection? Well: the hero.



Fourteen years later:



Now if you'll excuse me, I have to dump vegetables down the mouth of a lizard-headed supercomputer.