Oh, that guy:


It's standard Hollywood studio product, and it warns you right away not to expect strong, impressive special effects:


Let's get our Star Trek Connection out of the way pronto:



The pouty blue-blood lady is Jane Wyatt, who looks more wymanly in other shots. (She played Spock's mother, of course.) She kills her husband in a fit of anger - the guy was begging for it, being all aloof and sarcastic - and her boyfriend disposes of the body, tries to make it look like the guy was robbed and killed elsewhere. He thinks he can pull it off, because A) he's a cop, and B) he's Lee J. Cobb:



Trouble for the Cobbmeister comes in the form of his brother, who's also a cop, and is also his partner. He's a bright boy new to the force, and he's keen to prove the killing wasn't as easy as it seems. He's played by John Dall, who made a great impression in "Gun Crazy." He has a loose natural cheer that's quite endearing - one of the main reasons "Gun Crazy" worked so well.


He did two other movies, and that was it.

So, is it good? It's pretty straightforward, and format's unvarying: young cop has a great idea, guilty cop wants him to shut up about it. But is it noir?

Sure it is:


You can download it, for free - and legally! - right here.