Huh - so there were two guys named Agnew, then.



What's in the Red House? It would be a shame if we found out in the first reel, because then everyone would just stand around with nothing to do. According to a review on imdb, this was a movie cited by Martin Scorcese as one of the154,023 films that made an impression on him as a youth, and you can see why. It's humid and overrated with a SHOCKING ENDING, but if you don't look at it as some underrated undiscovered gem, it's pretty good.

The best thing going for it:



Eddie G. played more sad prematurely old men than anyone else I can remember; it was a remarkable transition from his tough-guy period, and well-executed. He went from 31 to 51 in a year, it seemed. In "The Red House" he's a single man, living on a farm with his sister:



Been a while since we had a Star Trek connection, but there she is.



Anyway: the movie concerns the youthful ward of the brother-sister couple, the mystery of the Red House,and the frothing hormones of the youths who seem oddly drawn to the highly symbolic dark woods in which the equally symbolic Red House is located. It's good, but the quality of the print is awful and the sound is murky AND crackly. Still, it's worth it for the final shot of Eddie G, and you can see why Scorcese loved it. (And borrowed it, somewhat, for "Cape Fear.")

Here's the low-rent Mitchum who bewitches, bothers and bewilders the local girls:



He's particularly drawn to Tiddy, and a fella can understand why:





Without looking at imdb, can you name that actress? Hint: red hair.