Whoa! Credits by Fritz Lang?




Sigh: no, it’s another Monogram Cheapy. Well, let’s see what this one’s about.




So we already know the ending? This gets better and better. the Best Known story:



The Moonstone is a diamond supposedly stolen from some Hin-doo temple, and now it’s come to Berkshire, one of those rambling English estates the budget cannot possibly show. After enough suspicious people are assembled, the lights go out - it is literally a Dark and Stormy Night - and the stone’s stolen. The rest of the movie is the usual Monogram / 30s slog through an interminable, verbose tale that feels nine times longer than its 46 minute run-time. Yes, forty-six minutes. If I can sum it up: the stone is stolen, and then they catch the guy who did it.

At least our old friend Baron Von Brushkampf, late of “Mystery Liner,” is along for the fun.



It's the usual fare from the studio, and of course is well-regarded over at imdb - "decent little adaptation!" No. NO. IT'S LIKE DRINKING PAINT. But this is interesting, if you're unaware of the period's history:



The NRA Eagle. Can you imagine seeing the logo for a government economic program on the closing credits of a movie today?

Possibly came as an annoyance to some at the time, as well.