You don't think I would leave you bereft, do you? C'mon. After all we've been through? After all the summers where I finally step away from the M-F business and skip the update obligations and leave you bereft? Would I do that again? Sure. But not this time.

But it's not an obligation, you say. You do so much! You have given of your time so unstintingly we would be happy with scraps! Jots! Nay, tittles!

Don't make me blush. No, it's not an obligation, but a duty: the internet will not fill itself up. If there's nothing new every day you will drift away, sullen, annoyed. I can't let that happen, which is why every summer hiatus has some features to keep you around.

Well, starting this year, anyway. Previous years I just went away and to hell with it.

So what do we have here? INDUSTRIALS. Rather than make you sit through an entire movie, waiting for some risible moment that compares ill with modern sensibilities (haw haw look at that they're wearing ugly hairnets in the pill factory) I have isolated the moments that look beautiful, or reveal some bygone aspect of daily life that everyone took for granted. It's not an entirely hardy-har site, which is why it's in Miscellaneous, not the Institute. It's another attempt to find some beauty in commercial art, which seems to be something of an ongoing theme here.

Of course you can blow through the whole section in one day, if you can't control yourself. But if you'd like to space them out:


MONDAY: The beauty of Coke in the Factory.


TUESDAY: Tupperware World.


WEDNESDAY: Pan-Am across the Seas.


THURSDAY: The Grocery Store.


FRIDAY: 2015 MOTELS, continued.


And yes, comments are open. Behave.

If you're really starved for more, Tumblr is ongoing. If you've never been to the Tumblr site, well, you might be surprised.





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