As the Fair week comes to an end - at least here at the Bleat; days left, and I’ve two trips left - some old Fair material. A Life magazine on small-town fairs lets us in on some lingo:

Don't think I won't work that into the 1949 Fair murder mystery novel. Grab joint.

They might call it The Whip, but we all know what it's really called. The most violent of the ground rides! Absolutely true, and the only ride you can control. That's why I like it. When you get that thing going you can really pull some G-forces.

Staged? Probably.

Something else you don't see at the Fair anymore:

If you're thinking that these devices showed movies, I don't think so. This video shows a Peep Show machine that looks like it was part of the same line as the ones you see above:

From a hip 'n' groovin' promotional magazine: the Midway, 1967.

The back cover ad:


Makes me wonder why we haven't seen double ferris wheels in a while. When was that particular device invented? 1968, Wikipedia says, which makes this illustration a look at the Future Soon to Come.

This is all the Ferris Wheel we had this year, but it'll do.



Normal Life resumes next week. Thank you for your patience!


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