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A cold and depressing day. Depressing because it was cold and cold because it was depressing. Driving to work, everything seemed Ominous and full of portent.

Of course, I ran that through the “portent” filter.

So, pictures and sounds today, and little more.

Here’s another commercial iconography challenge, taken from an extremely detailed picture of Fargo in 1950. Do you know what this says? Aside from the part you can make out clearly, that is.

Chances are you might. You need hints to let it snap into focus. Alex Stern was a clothiers.

Does this help?

Answer at the bottom, which means you'll have to scroll alll the way up.


Judge Judy update: I misspoke about the Mystery Lady disappearing from the spectator benches. She's back! Upper left corner:

It all seems to be taking a toll; she looks slumped and sleepy.

It's not an easy job. In this episode JJ blew through five cases, and that meant they had to reset the spectator benchs for each one.

By the way: you can always tell a defendent who shows up in inapproiate attire, because they make him wear a shirt they just pulled off the shelf, and has the tell-tale creases.

Slight moment of tension when the defendent called the plaintiff the B word.

He got a talking-to from Petri Hawkins-Byrd. You do not want that.

Byrd's wikipedia page, I suspect, was penned by a less-than-neutral observer, but it's true:

Byrd will tell Sheindlin where she's wrong and is almost always able to provide answers in areas that Sheindlin is unaware of, such as on mathematics, current fads, technology, computer related subjects, etc.

To put it lightly. It's part of the schtick, but the mutual affection and respect seems genuine.

WHY oh why, daughter asks, do I watch it? Because it's fascinating. Not the yelling at people in need of a dressing-down, although of course that's part of it. It's the parade of clueless and entitled people who've never been told that it is not bad luck that put them here, but bad choices. LAst night JJ barked at someone a remark that her son shouldn't have gotten a young girl pregnant, and that the kids had behaved stupidly.

Mom was apalled.

That's judgmental, she said.

That's the worst thing you can be in her world.



A couple of notes from Lum & Abner:


Lum & Abner Flub. An epic flub. A truly epic flub.

Lum & Abner Organ Music Challenge. The old fellows are going to sell the store. The music says they're headed . . . where?



Now, this week's batch of "Couple Next Door" cues. Just two.

CND Cue #427 Heard this earnest off-to-chores on a nice summer-morning cue before, but never this much of it. Of course, I'll never hear the whole thing.

CND Cue #428 We now go live to the calmest, least exciting newsroom ever!

More X-Minus 1.

X-Minus 1 Cue #35 More slogging troops across the desert, trying not to remind anyone of anything Stravinsky wrote.

X-Minus 1 Cue #36 I love this - the ominous brooding cellos, the mournful agreement of the winds. And it tries not to remind you of Wagner.

X-Minus 1 Cue #37 “This one’s set on a mysterious tropical planet. Whaddya got?”

X-Minus 1 Cue #38 Yes, mischievous Dennis the Menace is walking down the street on a bright spring day! AND GETS STABBED

X-Minus 1 Cue #39 I think the viola got the first big moment in the history of music cues.

X-Minus 1 Cue #40 “It’s gone!”
“Inspiration in cues intended to connote surprise!”

X-Minus 1 Cue #41 don’t think this was written I think it just . . . happened.

X-Minus 1 Cue #42 It’s like the exercise they played to limber up before playing the real cues.

X-Minus 1 Cue #43 And it’s another Xminus 1 / CND crossover cue to tie up the week with a bow.



Flanking cues and a perky PTA PSA.

The PTA had a marching theme.

That brings our week to a close. Oh, one more thing: the words in the blob are Hart, Shaffner & Marx Clothes. You can see them now, can't you?

Okay, one more thing.



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